Sunday, May 04, 2008

In The Beginning

Woo Hooo! The first meeting of ..... um .... um .... well we didn't actually take a final vote on a name or anything so I'll just call the group the Upper Fraser Valley Knitting Group for now and shuffle through the questionnaire again in search of what the alternatives were so we can make a final decision.

Now. As I was saying. The first meeting of the Upper Fraser Valley Knitting Group was a great success. 17 knitters in attendance. Much enthusiasm and friendship and a whole lot of knitting going on. Plans are in the works to meet locally for WWKIP day, (World Wide Knit In Public Day), on Saturday, June 14.

I brought my camera to the meeting, got permission from all but one of the participants to occasionally post photos of the group on my blog, and then wouldn't you know it.....I forgot to take pictures! The inaugural meeting and I didn't get a single picture. BAH. We will need a group photographer I think.


Linda said...

Thanks for doing all the organizing and for leading the discussions -- I really enjoyed it....heck, it was worth the trip just to see the shawl you showed!

Nicole said...

Maybe you can get the dissenter to take pictures, that way you can be in them too!

Marlene said...

You know Nicole, that sounds like a very, very good idea!

You're welcome Linda, I'm glad you felt it was all worthwhile. I'm really looking forward to WWKIP day on the 14 th of June.

Maggie Ann said...

good for you...wish I could join in. I finished my basket weave baby blanket for our new grandbaby. While there, I kept knitting on one my dd was working on and missed it so much that on the 9 hour drive home, stopped at a store and bought cotton yarn and knitted up a dishcloth in the car.

Marlene said...

Oh yes, Maggie Ann, I understand completely! I can't bear a long car trip without my knitting along. I even take a project on the trip to my daughter's home, which is about 30 minutes away.