Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amber Revontuli

This was a very different project for me. Oh I've knit lace shawls before. I've even knit them from my own handspun before. The difference with this one though is that I knit the entire thing without a specific recipient in mind.

Admittedly I knit most projects for my own use. After all, I'm the only person who truly understands and appreciates how much work has gone into the creation. This is particularly true when the article was not only hand knit, but also hand spun. The yarn for this particular shawl was all spun on a drop spindle too, which is more labour intensive than spinning it on a spinning wheel.

To add to the labour involved, I beaded a row in each repeat. My oldest daughter patiently sat by my side loading a crochet hook with a bead and handing it to me....every other stitch all across these long rows. Thanks Lisa!

All that work and I did it knowing that this colourway does not suit me at all. I LIKE the colours, in fact my home is decorated in beige and brown, but the shawl is too small to be an afghan.

How odd that I felt so compelled to knit this and worked on it obsessively until it was complete, yet have no recipient in mind for the finished object.

Maybe I will sell it. Maybe I will be inspired to give it away to someone who needs a warm hug. We'll see.


Michelle said...

It's just lovely, Marlene. I can see why you were compelled to knit and spin it, even though you knew it wasn't "you".

After buying a ton of beads for some Mystery Stole Along's, I've learned to appreciate the work involved in applying it into your knitting. It does lend a lovely added touch, though, so it's worth the work!

I'm sure this shawl will end up in caring hands, no matter what you decide.

CTJen said...

It certainly is pretty. :-)

PJ said...

Awesome shawl and I like the colors very much..that is such a special picture about the 30 yr old sweater!!!

Dave said...

It's gorgeous, and wow, that's a lot of time invested. With Christmas just around the corner, someone is bound to come to mind.

=Tamar said...

There is such a thing as a lap robe, which is smaller than an afghan.

Marlene said...

It's only a half circle Tamar, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

AlisonH said...

You will know. You will be so glad in that moment. You will know.

Maggie Ann said...

Its a beauty for sure! Maybe you'll start an Etsy store?