Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elmo Nightmare

Instarsia AND duplicate stitching with "Fun Fur"! What was I thinking?

I was thinking I love my granddaughter very much and she is totally worth the trouble.

Shhhh! Don't tell her. It's a Christmas present.


CTJen said...

it's going to be really cute, though!

Michelle said...

Duplicate stitching with fun fur and Intarsia? Ouch, that must be painful! How often are you chanting, "my granddaughter is worth it, I loooove my granddaughter? (grin)

It is going to be very cute and worth it, though!

Nicole said...

Why duplicate stitching? Why not just knit with two strands?

shortoldlady said...

Now THAT is love! I remember doing a cross-stitch My Little Pony on my daughters pink sweatshirt!! Think I saved that (after all that work!!)

I'm sure she will be thrilled and think you are the best grandma in the whole world!!

Marlene said...

Nicole asked, "Why duplicate stitching? Why not just knit with two strands?"

Several reasons actually.

First off, the Fun Fur is far bulkier than the DK weight yarn I am using for the rest of the sweater. It's behaves much like mohair yarns though in that the GAUGE is bulky, but it's mostly "fluff" around a very thin core. It would be sparse and breezy in that section if I were to knit the FunFur alone, yet it would change the gauge too much to knit it along with the other yarn.

Second, I want most of the furry bits to lie on the surface, not be hidden under the other strand or working their way to the backside. When I am doing the duplicate stitch I can make sure it all lies on the top and then when I fluff it up it gives a thicker, furrier appearance. It also doesn't change the gauge this way.

Third, I have enough troubles doing intarsia without the yarns I am twisting together at the colour changes being furry!

Fourth, I can actually see to sew in all those intarsia ends if I get the ends sewn in before adding the fur.

Good question though. Thanks for your input.

Marlene said...

The FunFur and the intarsia aren't happening at the same time though Michelle. That's one of the reasons why I am doing the duplicate stitch. Intarsia is difficult enough without adding in FunFur!

I think she will absolutely love the sweater though so yeah, it's worth it. We are giving her an "Elmo Live" talking/moving doll for Christmas too so the sweater is a natural go together.

kristo said...

That's so AWESOME!!! Kaylen is going to freak out over this one!

PJ said...

You are so wonderful!

Lorie M. said...

She will love it, you are knitting a treasure! Nice job.