Thursday, November 06, 2008

Revontuli Beginning

First I spindle spun two different, yet related colourways of hand dyed merino/silk (by Fleece Artist). This amber/rust/copper/bronze colourway and a gold/amber one.

Then I plied the two together on my wheel. Turned upside down the glass measuring cups are heavy enough to hold the balls of singles in place and yet the pouring spout is a convenient gap to pull the strands though.

Even though this autumn-like colourway is not at all flattering to my skin tone, I do like it and I couldn't wait to knit something up with it.

I cast on today for the Revontuli Shawl. I'm using one strand of the handspun and one strand of Crystal Palace Kid Merino held together. I may decide to place amber coloured beads in some of the outer rows.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - it's just beautiful

Dave said...

Mmm, that's going to be gorgeous!

Love the measuring cup idea -- very clever!

PJ said...

more yummy colors!!!!!! Perfect for the season!

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

love the measuring cups -- I've seen folks use turned-over flower pots before, but this solves *all* the rough edge dilemmas for me -- thanks!

Keli said...

What type of wheel do you have? Love the idea; I have lots of singles on tp rolls that I will rewind into balls. Did you wind into balls right from your spindle?

Marlene said...

I have a Little Gem II, Keli.

Yes I wound the balls directly from the spindle, but there is more than one cop's worth in each ball. I spun the tail of the ball to each new cop and then wound on.

Laughingrat said...

LOL, love the measuring cup method--that's brilliant! Your shawl probably turned out beautiful!