Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sock Obsessed

I love wearing handknit socks. I usually don't love making them. But then again, I usually knit plain socks and find them so boring to knit that they end up being reserved for meetings, waiting rooms, and car trips.

The "Firestarter" pattern may have changed all that. I loved knitting them (after I worked my way through some of the pattern quirks). I love wearing them too. Chalk this project up as a raging success!

I had so much fun with those ones that I just had to make another challenging pair right away. Meet my newest project, "La Digitessa" in red Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn.

Sixteen pages and numerous charts written for Bavarian travelling stitches in symbols that I've never before seen. Should be interesting.


Ruinwen said...

They are so beautiful and fit you perfectly! :)

Angelika said...

More power to you. That pattern should keep you entertained for a while.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous and nice fit! After seeing you had started the Firestarter socks, I became inclined to finish knitting mine. Unfortunately, I poked a hole in my thumb with my knitting needle, so it's been set aside for a few days until it heals.

I also have the La Digitessa kit, so it'll be nice to see your progress.

Lorraine said...

Lovely socks. I can't wait to see the new ones in progress!