Monday, April 20, 2009

Crying Uncle!

Okay, I've had enough. I'm giving up! But I refuse to call this a complete failure.

I learnt a lot.

  • I learnt things like how to painstakingly pick back several rows of machine knitted lace.
  • I learnt to remain calm and quickly grab a crochet hook when a stitch drops and runs like an escaping toddler in a busy parking lot.
  • I learnt that a small crochet hook catches stitches faster and more reliably than the transfer tool or the latch hook.
  • I learnt that I can see better close up with my graduated lens glasses than I can with my contact lenses.
  • I learnt that the beads will all break if you tighten up the stitches so much that the carriage hits them.
  • I learnt that a knitting machine will knit a stitch when it is supposed to create an eyelet just because it darn well feels like it!----and then it will hide the fact until you have knit several more rows.
  • I learnt that it takes at least 30 times as long to undo a machine knit row as it does to knit it incorrectly in the first place.
  • I learnt to check my end stitches every row.
  • I learnt that every 8th stitch in every 7th row is a lot of beads.
  • I learnt that beaded rows are not fast.
  • I learnt that too little weight causes problems.
  • I learnt that too much weight also causes problems.
  • I learnt that even though a knitting machine can knit a row incredibly fast, the actual process of getting a finished article from a machine can be very slow anyway.

I also learnt that a beaded, machine knit lace curtain could be breathtakingly beautiful----but right now I'd rather move on to something else.

Some day I may try this again. Some day.


Twisted in Stitches said...

It looked purrrty while it lasted Wovenflame!

And experience gives wisdom for the next project, eh?

Nicole said...

It's so beautiful... what a shame that you had so many problems with it.

Michelle said...

It is gorgeous! Sorry to hear it was such a pain for you to make.

Marlene said...

Thanks Michelle and Nicole. I guess I was unclear about the final outcome. This will never be a finished item. I have given up. It was pretty, but I made far too many errors and hand too many difficulties. It has been ripped from the machine unfinished.

Yes, Twisted, while it lasted it was beautiful. I may yet be inspired to try it again some know, when I'm feeling a need for self torture or something.

CTJen said...

Too bad that project was a tool of torture. Frog mercilessly!

ozlorna said...

Hi Marlene
I'm so sorry it didn't want to get itself knitted this time, maybe one day. You have created a beautiful piece of fabric nonetheless.

AlisonH said...

Cast it off and have your granddaughters have a fabulously-dressed doll? (I don't know how big it is.)

Maggie Ann said...

Wow, its gorgeous! Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment. It was great to hear from you.~~~ I've put on about 10 pounds since Valentine's Day and skirt looks good on me. Phooey. I'm still in the relaxed mode though(eating sweeties)...the only wrap pattern I have is nice but kind of form ties at the waist. Hey, I really like your hairstyle!

Monika said...

It's a pity, this is beautiful!

Angelika said...

It's still great looking, but thinking about how much you had to learn in this whole process almost makes it worth hand knitting it.

Marlene said...

Ah, but Angelika, I live for the learning! I'd rather learn and have success, but if the learning has to be earned with failures, so be it.