Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Egg Dyeing

Has anyone else found that the Easter egg dyeing kits are scarce this year? My daughter and I went looking for them last week and couldn't find the paint-with-a-cotton-swab type that are the most fun for a toddler to use. All we could find were these egg dip type which amount to an adult dropping eggs into the dye bath (or like we did, allow the child to do it, smashing many eggs and splashing dye everywhere) and then the child sitting around and waiting and waiting and waiting for the dye to intensify.

Then waiting and waiting and waiting for the eggs to dry before being allowed to colour a few faint lines, attempt to stick on some not-so-sticky stickers, and then the best part.......

.......crushing most of the eggs in your tiny fist so that you can eat them instead of dinner!


Tracey said...

I just got given this link and thought you might like it for decorating those eggs:
there seemed to be a lot more ideas on the sight too.

knitalot3 said...

It still isn't very exciting, but I used to use plain liquid food coloring and ziplock bags when my kids were little.

Let me know if you want more details.


Marlene said...

Well at least that sounds more fun for the child knitalot3. I think she would have loved to squish dye around in a bag....maybe outside and naked though?! I'd love to know more.

knitalot3 said...

Just take a sandwich bag, put a drop of food coloring in it, and add the egg. Seal the top and squishy squishy.

You can add two drops for other colors, i.e. red + yellow = orange, etc.

It is a little messy getting the egg out of the bag and they have to set in a carton or whatever until they dry.

At least they can't tip the whole cup(s) of dye all over though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I dye easter eggs each year. I'm 27 and can't wait around long enough for the dye to intensify. I always have a lot of pale easter eggs... At least they're delicious!

- Meagan