Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Soleful Night

Insomnia doesn't often hit me, but when it does I don't take it lying down. I woke at 12:30am and by 1:30am had given up on any thought of getting more sleep.

I quietly entertained myself for several hours by spinning on a large project I have on the go. When I grew tired of that (yet wasn't "tired" if you know what I mean) I turned to crochet.

These are the soles to a pair of Adult Mary Jane Skimmers, a pattern my daughter bought in hopes that I would crochet them for her. They should be fairly comfortable to wear as the soles when assembled are double thick. The bright soles go on the inside of the slippers and are stacked over the black ones.

The worsted weight yarn is held doubled so the construction of these slippers is going quite quickly. I'll likely have finished photos for blogging by tomorrow. That is IF I have time after I have a nap. Man, am I tired now! I hope my daughter doesn't go into labour today. I'd never make it through to the delivery.

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angharad said...

I just downloaded this pattern myself-very cute! And congrats on the new grandbaby!