Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flower Pincushions

I found a couple of different versions of this basic floral pincushion idea on Ravelry. Although the patterns were free, neither of them were written in English. This is my own interpretation of the general idea.

The first two photos are of the first pincushion. It's reversible.

My daughter liked it so I made one for her too.

They are both made from some hand dyed, hand combed wool that I hand spun. It's incredibly scratchy so can't be used to make anything wearable. This is a fun way to use some of it up.


becky c. said...

That's a good idea! I just finished a hot pad out of some scratchy handspun that no one would ever want to wear.

kristo said...

Thanks for my new pincushion!

Maria said...

They are very cute, I think I might just have to try one myself. I just finished a cover for my sofa cushion from your pattern and love it. I am going to make a second one soon. Thank you for sharing!
Have a lovely weekend!

Maria in NC

Monika said...

Aren't they cute?! I made one too, with Noro Silk Garden left overs! But that's a great idea to use the scratchy handspun yarn, will have to remember this!

Maggie Ann said...

Those are pretty! You did a good job. I've sewn some of these...don't they call them French pincushions?