Sunday, June 28, 2009

Potpourri Warp

I'm planning on placing an order for yarn to weave the huck-lace valance, but in the meantime I have thrown on a fun warp made from odds and sods of leftover knitting yarns. The dark brown used in the warp and also in the weft is some of my very early handspun.

I’m loosely following the idea from “Weaver’s Craft, August/September 2000”, “Potpourri Warp Pillows”. Two colours are used in the weft, one following the other in a plain weave and the way you handle the shuttles the weft automatically interlocks at the selvedges.


kristo said...

That looks really cool.

Ruinwen said...

The colors really pop in your warp.

Marlene said...

Some of them do Ruinwen, moreso than in the picture even, but others recede more than I had hoped as well. It will be interesting to see the cloth off the loom and washed. When the intersections are more closely undulating.