Sunday, June 14, 2009

Warp Is On!

First warp is on! I've only woven the header so far but everything seems to be okay and weaving well. Which is a small miracle when you consider all the lame things I did while warping!

I did my own unique, hybrid style beaming.....and will do it differently next time!

Next, when threading the heddles I had to stop at one point to unhitch the centre of each of the harnesses to pass extra heddles to the other side out of the way. This was not because I neglected to count out the heddles first. No, it was because I'm an idiot who can't do a simple math problem!

Then when I got all the heddles threaded and the reed sleyed I suddenly just knew without looking that I had forgotten to take the warp UP over the back beam first. This was another thing I should have known to do, and even thought about a couple of times while beaming, but just had a memory lapse at the worst possible time. To fix it I loosened the warp, dismantled the back beam, put it under the warp, and screwed it back on.

warp is on

WEAVING begins tomorrow!


kristo said...

So, are you making anything specific, or just weaving for the sake of weaving? :-)

Marie said...

Good thing you could remove the back beam. My first loom, Lilstina, had a back beam that was fixed and couldn't be removed. I only forgot once to put the warp over the back beam, believe you me. What a nightmare.