Saturday, June 20, 2009

Next Warp

I can see that this new loom is going to be a problem. She likes to be dressed at all times! I let her sit naked for less than a week while I contemplated my next project and gathered supplies. But Ooooh, you should have heard the weeping, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth (she does too have teeth....they're on the front brake).

Flax/Cotton warp ready to go on the loom.

Yes I could theoretically just get her dressed and then leave her sitting there looking all snug and happy in her new warp, but that only works in theory. You see I have this budding weaving warp can sit unwoven.

I can see this situation might lead to some serial weaving.


Maggie Ann said...

It looks delightful! Yes, and

Maggie Ann said...

Just stopping by for a second to see what you're up to!