Friday, November 27, 2009

Blocking For Christmas

The granddaughters' portraits are done and they turned out beautifully. In celebration I am finally getting around to blocking some snowflake portrait ornaments I made for our Christmas tree. They're the three with the empty centre of course. When they are dry I will copy and shrink one of the pictures so that it fits the frames.

The two larger things blocking there are just motifs from a table cloth I once started. That was years ago and there are still only two so I have decided that they will live on as miniature doilies instead. The smallest little piece on the lower left will be a simple snowflake for our Christmas tree.

While I had the pins out I decided to block a garland I had embellished. No room on the blocking board for this one. It's 18 feet long! I'm blocking it on the carpet in the hallway.

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Cheryl Leabo said...

Beautifully executed!! Well done,