Sunday, November 08, 2009


1 pound of Romney 3ply, approximately worsted weight, spun from top won as a door prize at a local spinning day.

I know many spinners prefer spinning coloured wool, especially some of the pretty and varied hand-painted ones, but I dunno, there is something about a nice plain, squishy, soft wool that I just love.

And besides, just think of the potential. It's like a blank canvas just waiting for further creativity! I can leave it plain like this, dye it a solid colour, have fun doing the hand-painting myself, or perhaps even dye the finished knitting or weaving when I am through. Such potential!


dragon knitter said...

i did that once. spun up a bunch of yarn, then dyed it in different colors. i had intened to makea baby sweaterout of it, but that never happened. wheeeeee!

June said...

Gorgeous, Marlene! Did you spin it worsted? Or from the fold? I have some painted top that has been aging in the stash for too long... I'm reminded of it, now that I see how wonderful Romney can be!

Marlene said...

I've never really been sure what to call the way I spin June. I think it would be some sort of modified long draw. I draft in a kind of continuous flowing motion with both hands travelling all the way back to my hip before I wind on. It's not a one handed thing though, as I usually see "long draw" being referred to. I keep my forward hand lightly on the fibre at all times and draw back at an equal pace with the fibre hand. Some day I'll find someone who can do a short video clip of the way I spin.

Marlene said...

Okay June, I've gone through a bunch of Utube videos and this one: the closest I have found to the way I spin. This person calls it "Semi-Long Draw". I draw back further and don't wind on quite as often as he does.

June said...

Thanks for the follow-up, Marlene! I like to spin that way, too, you can achieve good drafting control that way.