Friday, November 20, 2009

Essential Dissapointment

Outrageous sock yarn failure!

My daughter knit these socks from "Knitpicks Essential" yarn (now renamed "Stroll Sock Yarn"). She has only worn them a few times. Each time she has worn them they have formed huge pilling masses like this within a few hours. By the end of the day she can pull an entire wad of loose fibre from the bottom of her sock.

What a heartbreaking failure! They were nice socks.


Abigail said...

oh how weird!!

many of my socks are knit with essential, and I've never had that problem, I wonder what gauge did your daughter knit them at? I find that while super soft and cheap, essential needs to be knit a bit tighter than most people knit their socks. :(

either way, those are some awesome socks.

June said...

I would definitely send a copy of that photo to KnitPicks. At the very least, they should offer her some kind of compensation - different yarn, a gift certificate, something! All that work and the materials were so poor quality. Definitely makes me think twice about purchasing yarn from them.


That's awful, so much work, arrrggghhhh!!!! I would definately send the pic to them and see what they say, seems excessive.

Adrienne said...

Yet more proof that merino really doesn't make great socks unless you knit it at a bulletproof gauge (~10 sts per inch).

It really sucks tho, as those are great socks!

MoederKip said...

Oh no!
How disappointing - never a good start to the day when you need to shave your socks ;-)
I agree though - they were very nice socks!