Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Eyes

The eyes I ordered for my Fairyland LittleFee dolls have arrived......before the dolls.....but that's a good thing. When the dolls arrive they will have eyes, but they are "default", chosen at random, and are sometimes red, purple, or some other ghastly, unrealistic colour......ewwww!

The dark, dark brown ones are for the Elf Ante I'm naming "Peanut".

The bright blue ones are for the Leah I'm naming "Pumpkin".

I was surprised that they were shipped rattling around loose, with no cushioning, inside little plastic boxes within a plain manila envelope, not even a bubble envelope. They're fine though and all is well that ends well.

Edited to add: Brrr......I looked out the window and giant snowflakes are coming down. Our first little flurry of the season.


PJ said...

ok, maybe I'm late getting to this, but you can change the EYES of your dolls? I just love all that clothes you make...sersiously, 000 needles to make sweaters? have really found a very interesting neat hobby with your dolls? where do you keep them all? I'm intriqued!

Marlene said...

Yes PJ, the eyes can be changed and it can sometimes totally change the way the doll looks.

Size 000 is the larger of the group. I actually have needles down to a 00000 - 5/0 or in metric I think it is something like .7mm.

All? I don't have a lot of dolls. Other than 2 Barbies I keep around for the granddaughters I just have a single vinyl ball jointed doll. The other doll I have taken pictures of is a loaner I'm borrowing until my own two ordered dolls arrive. Maybe you just think I have more dolls because I keep changing wigs, eyes, and outfits on her? It really does drastically change the way she looks. It even changes her perceived personality.

Marlene said...

Oh, forgot to answer your other question PJ. When my two resin dolls arrive they will be displayed on the top of a sideboard (cabinet) just off my living room. At that time the Delilah Noir (vinyl doll) will either be stored or sold.