Monday, November 01, 2010

Heather Hoodie Vest

I really love this vest! It's the perfect weight and colour for me and it fits well. I wear it all the time. In fact, I've been wearing it so much that I only now took the time to snap a few photos and get a blog post written. It was actually finished on October 14th.

Pattern is "Heather Hoodie Vest", from Knitscene, Fall 2009 issue.
I used Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool.


Sprite said...

That is absolutely adorable! You have such a great style, for you and the dolls.

AlisonH said...

Very very nice! It reminds me of one my mom knit my sister when we were kids that I always secretly wished, even though it wasn't my turn, that she'd made it for me. (That's okay: anything that pushed me to learn to knit like Mom was, in retrospect, a Good Thing.)

I love your new picture!

Ruinwen said...

It took me a second to realize that this "doll" was you. lol You look fab in that hoodie! What a great pattern. I love clothes that transition well. *hugs* :)