Monday, November 29, 2010

LittleFee Christmas Swap

Over at Den of Angels (a forum for those who collect and/or love Asian ball jointed dolls) I participated in my first ever "swap". The owners who participate put their doll's name on the list along with a picture and a bit of a profile describing the "personality" and the "likes and dislikes" of that character. They in turn are given the name of another doll from the list that they then compile a package for.

This particular swap had a theme of Christmas/Winter and I had the good fortune to be collecting for a little elf character named "Mint". It was really fun for me because Mint is brand new (hasn't even arrived yet) and so doesn't have a lot of clothes. . . . . and you know how I love to make doll clothes!

So here is how the package looked just before I mailed it to Ontario.

I didn't need much packaging material because I managed to fit everything into a little gift box. There was not a smidge of room to spare!

And this is what was hidden in all those little wrapped packages.

The candy canes were "mint" flavoured of course, and they were for the doll owner. Almost everything else was part of a one of a kind, head-to-toe outfit, compiled with Mint's specific character in mind.

Mint's profile said that he likes boy-friendly clothing in colours that don't clash with his mint green hair, colours like black, white, and mint or dark green. He also likes dinosaurs and desperately needs shoes.

So here's what I gathered, starting at the top:

I made him a little, felt, RobinHood style hat. Delilah has the same size head so she's my model here.

The next item probably caused me the most angst and took the longest. This is intarsia knitting at 14 stitches to the INCH folks! Lots and lots of little ends to sew in. I found the dinosaur graph on Ravelry.

Like the other little sweaters I've done for my own dolls, this one is from the free DollsWest pattern. It opens down the back for ease in dressing the doll.

Next is a little t-shirt I made using a pattern purchased from It also opens down the back.

These little black jeans with mint coloured stitching are from the same Adams-Harris pattern that I used to sew the blue jeans for my own dolls.

They have working pockets both front and back! Remember, the dolls are less than 10" tall!

For those bare feet of Mint's, a pair of green sneakers (liberated from my own dolls collection, but with replacements on the way) and a couple of hangers to keep everything tidy.

And one more little thing, a toy in proper scale for Mint. It's a triceratops that I needle felted.

My swap partner really likes the package I sent and says everything fits perfectly. That's so great to hear!


Fran said...

Wow ! Lucky Mint.

Blablette said...

I know you from Ravelry!
this outfif and the rest, sooo cute! and the dinosaur, fabulous!

Marlene said...

Thanks Fran. Mint's owner has other dolls of the same size and says that everything fits great. I'll have to wait to post pictures of the clothing worn by Mint himself as he isn't due to arrive until early January.

Hi Blablette. I'm glad you like the outfit. I hope to one day have enough items made up to warrant selling them on etsy or DOA.

Smilga said...

Wow, beautiful gifts! I´m sure Mint will be very happy.