Friday, November 19, 2010

Hair Now

Yesterday it was the eyes, today the LittleFees' hair arrived. Though there are only two dolls ordered I actually purchased 3 wigs because I was having trouble deciding between two different lengths and styles for the brown.

My 16" vinyl doll, Delilah Noir, wears the same wig size so she has been cajoled into modelling the wigs for me.

Here's the first option for "Peanut", the LittleFee Elf Ante. It's a chestnut brown, Monique wig, in the "Lexy" style. I think it looks particularly good on Delilah. It might also look great on Peanut, possibly showing off her lovely, pointed, elf ears.

But there's also this option for Peanut. It's another Monique wig, this time a brown "Doris" bob. I like it, and it looks a lot like the hairstyle I had in mind, but I do think I like the longer one better. When Peanut arrives she will just have to try them both on to help me decide.

Then for "Pumpkin", the blue-eyed LitteFee Leah, I have this carrot red "Lulu" wig, which is also a Monique brand. The colour is perfect, but it's perhaps a bit too full.

I think it will look much better on Pumpkin than it does here on Delilah though. Delilah is a more mature looking sculpt, with a darker skin tone, than Pumpkin will have.

I love the wild froth of curls at the back.

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Ruinwen said...

I love your just radiates fun. I really like the first hair style for an elfin lass...but you are right that riot of curls is just so sassy! :)