Saturday, June 30, 2012

Haven't Done That in a While

As anyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows, I have a LOT of different hobbies. Lately it's been mostly about the dolls and sewing and knitting for them. But recently I've been feeling a renewed desire to do some of my older hobbies as well, some of the ones that I haven't done for a bit. Here's a little taste of what's been going on over the past week or so. First, I've been weaving. We bought a lovely new bedroom suite and it arrived on Thursday. I'm now weaving runners for the tops of the dressers and night tables. My floor loom is crowded against one wall at the moment so these are being done on my rigid heddle loom, a 24" Beka.

 rigid heddle loom and plain, textured weave

I've got it warped for 16 feet! I'll have extra woven yardage left over after I'm finished cutting and hemming the finished weaving, but it was easier to set up the direct warping procedure for the full length of two banquet tables, hence the 16 feet. I had plenty of the warp and weft to work with so "waste" was is not an issue. I'm sure I'll figure out something I can do with the leftover bit. Who knows, maybe it will show up as some finished object on Etsy?

The other thing I hadn't done in a while is crochet. I think Ravelry might be responsible for renewing that interest. I saw some really neat crocheted lace covered rocks, but .... yeah .... need to go hunting for appropriately sized and shaped rocks for that one. So in the meantime I decided to crochet a bowl and a couple of small doilies.

 Crocheted Lace Bowl

They may, or may not, end up on the new bedroom furniture. We'll see. Depends on how they look when the blocking/starching is finished.

Two-Tone Doily

This was definitely a case of being more into the process rather than the finished object. I just wanted to crochet and didn't really care whether or not I was producing something useful.


Miranda Ixie said...

Maybe it's something in the air, 'cause I'm suddenly crocheting too! It's been years. Your crocheting looks AWESOME!

And having lots of hobbies is a great thing, it means you'll never be bored. :)

Marlene said...

You're absolutely right Miranda. I haven't been bored in years, possibly decades. I do find myself wanting more hours in each day though.

Rachael said...

I hadn't picked up a hook in several years until a couple of months ago to make a hat - so who knows it must be 'going around'. Also you have inspired me to weave something for our new dressers - we just purchased them yesterday and my husband hasn't even finished putting his clothes away yet. - Is the yarn you are using handspun?

Marlene said...

No Rachael, it's not handspun. My handspun is actually smoother, more even, and thinner than that. LOL! It's actually unlabelled yarn I picked up in a big discount bin at Zellers. The warp is a boucle and the weft looks like a thick and thin, very slubby, cotton.

cjbj said...

Lovely job, Marlene. Can you tell me what wet finished is? Also, I have some very coarse yarn or cording, that looks too rough to knit with. Think it would be good for weaving? I picked up a nice mini wood cutting board at some thrifty place, thought it may make a good tiny loom collector had that on your web site. I even found a took somewhere to use, once I make it. You are an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing your works at the fair.

Marlene said...

cibj, wet finishing is a required final step to most weaving. It can be as simple as washing an item, or it can be fulling, pressing, and so forth. When first woven a piece is just a loose mesh, but wet finishing relaxes the fibres and they undulate over and under the other warp and weft thread becoming a more cohesive whole. It's hard to describe the process here. Laura Fry has written an entire book on the subject titled, "Magic in the Water".

You can use practically anything as the weft in a weaving, depending on it's intended final use of course. My weaving instructor had us do an exercise where we experimented with all kinds of weird things in the weft. I used such items as cut up pantyhose, dental floss, necklaces, grass, twigs, ribbons and lace. I made an interesting vest using polypropylene industrial rope/twine as the occasional shot in an otherwise cotton weaving and then frayed the tails along the sides.

I'm sorry I don't understand the rest of your comment about the wood cutting board. Looks like there might be some typos that obscure the intended meaning?