Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Jacket for Shannon

When Shannon saw Pumpkin's wool coat she just had to have one for herself. She even rummaged around in my husband's sock drawer until she found one that she insisted was way too far gone for him to ever wear again.


Later in the evening she had a nice, hooded, wool jacket to wear!


She likes it with the hood down too.





carol said...

Wow love love love! Lucky Shannon!

Marlene said...

Aww, thanks. She seems to like it. It's been an awfully cold and wet Spring with no signs of summer.

cjbj said...

Wow. You are amazing, did hubby notice one missing?

Marlene said...

He wouldn't have, as it was stuffed at the very back of a very full sock drawer. It's also a heavy winter sock and, despite what our weather is saying, it is late Spring. I did get his approval before I cut into the sock though. ;-)