Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Juri '08 Arrival

Yesterday, early in the morning, we got an "out for delivery" notice. The headless, pale, new elf-girl hurried and got into the pretty dress I had sewn just for the occasion. She was very excited about the imminent arrival of her rare, limited edition head.


She sat so nicely, waiting patiently for the doorbell to ring.

so patient

She didn't have to wait long! The box from Denver Doll Emporium arrived before 9am. The first little bundle we opened contained her new hands. Her original set had been far too masculine!

#3 hands

 This new pair is much more appropriate for a lovely, feminine elf-girl.

feminine hands

Next was the item she was most excited about, all wrapped up and so nicely protected....

drum roll please

....the beautiful, much coveted, Juri '08 head!


It even has a lovely profile.


Unable to decide right away which set of eyes she preferred, she opted for one of each for the time being.

 supernova and blue star

Then she spent a pleasant hour or so trying on every wig I was able to get my hands on.

My favourites for various reasons

With some of them it was obviously just for fun!

NOT contenders!

Although she did like this one,

Monique Ally in Blondie

.......and this one too,


....she's holding out for a wavy, pink, TinyBear wig. I did let her know she might be in for a long wait. A custom made wig will take a while! She says she doesn't mind, it's worth it.


Well, at least she went for the blue eyes I had on hand.

Now she needs a name. Something Elven apparently.


Kaylen figures her name should be Panalaya, ....  or was that Panaleah?


Kenzie loves the long, pink hair.


Trisha said...

I do so enjoy reading your doll adventures!

Steph said...

I'm with Kenzie! Love the pink wig. She's gorgeous!

Marlene said...

I'm glad to hear it Trisha. I know when the focus of my blog changed from knitting to the dolls (and knitting) I may have lost some of my readership, but I think there are doll fans out there too.

Thanks Steph. I'm not usually into pink, especially bubblegum pink, but it really seems to suit this girl. It's also a nice change from the Earth tones Candace prefers (the red headed Mirwen) and the tamer beiges, greys, and denim blues that look good on Shannon (the white blonde Luka mod).

cjbj said...

That was fun, with the wigs and all. Did you make that sweet bead purse too? I like your blog, whatever it has for a topic. I can see the eyes make a difference depending on what the hair is. I bet the girls are excited. Is that a made up name or a real name? I kinda like it.

Marlene said...

No, cjbj, the tiny beaded purse was made by a dear friend. Kaylen made up the name, but it has a nice ring to it so we'll keep it. Also "Pan" seems a nice nickname for an elf.