Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Skirt for Candace

I made a new skirt for Candace. She immediately invoked the “body rule” and took the shared body away from Shannon.


The house rule is; whenever a new outfit is made the owner of said outfit gets to have “the body” at least for a few days.


Shannon complained because she only got her new jacket yesterday and already Candace has taken the body….you know, whatever happened to the “few days” part?


I had to remind her that she had already been in possession of “the body” for nearly a week because she also had the new dress.

Candace McMirwen

She continued to grumble until I whispered in her ear, “Shannon, your brand new body will be here some time in the coming week. It has larger ….. ahem …. “assets”, and it will be all yours. Shhhhh.”


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bearpicnic said...

The skirt is cute: simple and sophisticated. I love how they get to share their body in a way that seems completely fair!