Friday, August 10, 2012

Change of Heart

I was in the process of selling both of my RealPuki dolls, deeming them too small, but I've had a bit of a change of heart. I think what I'll do now is have at least one of them redone as a freckle faced, sun kissed toddler that I can then use for modelling photos for RealPuki clothing on Etsy.

It looks like the teeny little super guy, Mr Magoo, will be the one that is redone. His faceup has a small chip in it and Ms Muffet is still unscathed, so he makes the logical choice.

chipped faceup

I'll miss him though!

Magoo's Harley

So I'll sell off Ms Muffet and have Magoo's faceup redone as a much younger gender-neutral character. I've already restyled Ms Muffets wig into little toddler like piggies and I really like the way they look. So "with wig" the doll can model as a girl. Without the wig the doll will become a boy. That way I can stock my Etsy shop with clothing for dolls of either gender.

a younger Miss Muffet

Unless......unless.....somehow before Ms Muffet sells I find a way to keep them both and have them BOTH redone as toddlers. Little bitty twin boy/girl toddlers.

I love this hobby! So many possible variations to one doll.

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Sweet Melodies said...

Aww I miss them both if they get sold. I had the same problem with one of my dolls. I find her to thin compared to my other minis and hated it. I came close in selling her until I decided not to and kept her. She can be my model for slim mini clothing until I figure out to do with her. Perhaps a woodland druid, or someone else mentioned a woodland nymph.

Ms Muffet looks adorable with her hair like that. Those two would make cute woodland elves or something fairy tale-ish. That is the beauty of this hobby. BJD holds thousands of possibilities in one doll. Trust me I know. I'm always changing my dolls into something new.