Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gathered Together

I gathered everyone together today, changed their clothing and posed them together for a group shot.

August Group Shot

My group has dwindled a little! Last month I sold Petunia and Ms Muffet and traded Mr Magoo's faceplate for another. Ever since Petunia's beautiful, custom, Lana Dobbs faceup flaked away I was disheartened with her. She wasn't the same doll I had fallen in love with. I can't see me getting another Pukipuki though. I am not all that fond of the size and chunkier looking body.

Since selling Ms Muffet and what is essentially Mr Magoo (though it was just his faceplate), I've become newly inspired by the one remaining Realpuki body which has become "Becky" with the addition of a closed eye Popo faceplate my daughter wasn't using.

Becky Aug 2012

Becky will eventually get a custom faceup by Ban Sidhe. She has to wait her turn though. My white skin, Juri '08, Panalaya, is on her way to Ban's for a faceup, manicure, and pedicure. The Pupu faceplate I traded for Mr Magoo is already there at Ban's spa waiting on his turn at an eye opening and faceup. His name will be "Bobby" after my little brother (who's not so little anymore!). And of course with only one Realpuki body on hand now, and two characters wishing to inhabit it, it seems enevitable that I will eventually need a second Realpuki body again. *sigh*  Kicking myself for selling that second Realpuki body!!

On the far left in the group shot is Peanut, my first ball jointed doll, a Littlefee Elf Ante.

Peanut Aug 2012

Normally she wears a longer wig, a "Lexy" by Monique, but it's starting to get pretty flyaway and needs some tender loving care, so she's wearing her alternate, a "Dora" also by Monique. I actually quite like this shorter style on her.

At the top right is Morganna, my Minifee Mirwen that also occasionally shows up as "Candace" and "Gunhilda", alternate characters for the same head but using different wardrobes and wigs. I think you'll be seeing far less of those latter two though.

Morganna Aug 2012

Just below Morganna, also on the far right, is Pumpkin. She is a Littlefee Leah, and was the second ball jointed doll to arrive, only one week after the first. She had actually been ordered together with Peanut and together the first two dolls were patterned after my granddaughters in their colouring and hair types.

Pumpkin Aug 2012

At the bottom centre is Serenity, my only real impulse buy of the group. She was an "in stock" Pukifee Cupid from Fairyland that I bought shortly after seeing my daughter's new Pukifee. Adorable size, but I doubt that I'll ever own more than just the one of this size. Serenity was a great help serving as a model for an entire eBook of knitting patterns that I sell for that size.

Serenity Aug 2012

Missing from the group picture, but not forgotten, is Shannon. She couldn't be present because she is still waiting on her body. It's on order now and should be arriving some time in late October.


Let's hope that this time it will go better than last, when the body I had ordered for her arrived in WHITE, and though she was unplanned, Panalaya was created.


Anonymous said...

8Marlene, I really love your characters, Shannon is actually growing on me, but I think Morganna (or whatever alter ego she is using) will remain my favourite!


Marlene said...

Thanks nicky263. Morganna is pretty special.

♫♥ CaroL ♥♫ said...

I must confess Minifee Mirwen is my favourite together with Celine. Your Morgana looks specially beautiful to me. Hers is not the factory faceup, is it? BTW, could you tel me what eyes she's wearing? They look so realistic and they're just the perfecto size.

Marlene said...

Thanks. She's was sold awhile ago. The faceup is a custom one done by Ban Sidhe of Ban's Boutique. The eyes are Eyeco Softglass in size 12mm from Saffrin.