Saturday, August 18, 2012

RealPuki Update

There have been some changes around here since my last post. I've been quite busy with sales listings and correspondence related to the sales of my doll clothing, but also my teeny, tiny, little Realpuki dolls, Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet.

Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet will be travelling

At the time of my last post, only one week ago, I had been planning on selling both of my Realpuki dolls, but was suddenly having second thoughts. I was even considering maybe keeping them both and having them both repainted as younger looking characters, more fitting as clothing models for this particular doll type.

Magoo hits the road

Well, since that post things have moved along quite quickly! Both characters, but not both dolls, have been sold. What I mean is that the essence of Magoo, his faceplate and his most identifiable props, the bike and his fedora, have moved on. But I have kept his body.

I had a Magoo fan in Germany! Who knew?! That fan could just not bear the thought that Magoo would not live on, that I was planning on "wiping" his cute, highly identifiable little face. To save his life she offered a blank faceplate in trade. So "Magoo" and a few of his props and items of clothing as pictured above, have now moved on to Germany. In his place a blank "Pupu" faceplate is being shipped to my favourite faceup artist in the US to become a whole new, younger looking character.

Here's the little Pupu. Still haven't decided if I will have the eyes opened on this one or not. The faceup artist, Ban Sidhe, can do that if I wish. At this point I'm thinking I probably will....just not fully committed yet.

So I'm seeing this one as a rosy cheeked little boy maybe? Reminds me so much of my little brother when he was 3 or 4 years old! He needs a little baseball cap. I can do that! I have a pattern.  >grin<

And then there was Ms Muffet. I ended up selling her, body and all, to a doll enthusiast in Arizona that was regretting selling her own little Soso (same sculpt). By that point though I had decided to keep Ms Muffet's wig myself as I had plans for it.

Final Photo

So Ms Muffet is wigless and on her way to Arizona!

My daughter had a spare faceplate for her own Realpuki Popo. Well....not exactly "spare", the doll came as a package deal with a sleeping face included, but she doubts that she will ever use it.  So I have this additional option. I will for sure be getting something done with that blank Pupu face pictured earlier, but now I'm considering also using this little face occasionally.

Possible RP character

She makes such a darling, mischievous looking little toddler girl!'s where I stand now: (on the fence! LOL)

The blank Pupu will likely have "mods" to make it open eyed, and will get a custom faceup, and shall be made into either a boy, or a character I can use as both a boy or a girl depending on wardrobe and wig choices.

The Popo might stay as she is, or be redone by the faceup artist with almost the same sort of faceup, except with eyebrows (I don't care for the default eyebrows which are faint "dots"),  prettier squinty eyes, and a sun kissed nose with slight freckling. Oh...and this particular faceup artist is a master at painting ultra tiny, perfect white maybe 6 or 8 of those perched up front making her look even younger.

Comments are very welcome and encouraged.  :-)

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