Monday, October 15, 2012

Body Swap

After being freed from her Fairyland box, a beautiful, blank WooSoo had a question for Shannon.


WooSoo wanted to know if clothing and a wig would be part of her box opening celebration.


Shannon struggles to find a kind and gentle way to break the news.


"WooSoo dear, I hate to tell you this, but that isn't your body, it's.... mine."


"And because it's my body Wovenflame didn't think to make you anything."


"If you were sticking around I'd share it with you, honest I would! But I have it on good authority that you are actually leaving for New York soon."


"Don't be sad Woo'. You get to be part of Ban Sidhe's resin crew and she's an awesome faceup artist! You'll be beautiful!


"Ban has also promised to get you a body of your very own! I bet she'll even make you a lovely wardrobe and include you in one of her wonderful stories."


And nobody does manicures or pedicures more beautifully than Ban Sidhe.


"While I get off of this body that Morganna has generously been sharing with me, why don't you ask Wovenflame to find you a nice, safe and comfortable travelling box?"


"Hello WooSoo. Thank you for bringing Shannon's body along with you. Are you ready to make the switch?"


"Poor Shannon has been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. Did she tell you how disappointed she was when her last body turned out to be white? Yes, yes, it was all very tragic!"


"Oh Morganna, I hope we can truly be friends now? The shared body really made it difficult for us to see eye to eye. I hope all past differences can be put behind us now."


WooSoo, with a look of stony determination, decides to quietly accept her fate and hopes that things really will be better at Ban Sidhe's.


"Oh Shannon, I hope WooSoo doesn't take this too hard, and that she has a safe trip and a happy future at Ban's."


My three girls, together at last.


kristo said...

OMG!!! I laughed so hard! Poor WooSoo looks so sad! (I don't know why I found it so funny, lol)

Linda said...

Beautiful trio of your girls! Lol! What shock for poor WooSoo -- to think she's finally come "home", only to be de-bodied and sent off again. No wonder she looks so sad! Is Panalaya, wearing that beautiful skein of yarn, hinting at something!

Marlene said...

Oh Kristo, you're cruel, so cruel. Laughing at poor WooSoo's misfortune.

Thanks Linda. Yeah, don't feel too bad though. WooSoo will be well treated in her new home. Yes, that's Panalaya's own skein of yarn, spun specifically for her. She'd like another sweater made from it. I meant to explain her strange wrap in the story, but never got around to it. That's how she was "dressed" when the WooSoo came knocking on the door.

PJ said...

Oh, my! I'm trying not to be..disturbed ;)..but I may not understand the culture of these beautiful girls! :+o

Marlene said...

These types of dolls can be purchased with open eyed heads and sleeping heads PJ. So sometimes someone like myself wants a different eye shape for their doll they can buy the "sleeping" head off the second hand market and have the eyes opened to look different. Bodies for the dolls can also be purchased "a la carte", meaning piece by piece. So sometimes a doll's head and it's body are not purchased at the same time, but as opportunity and budget allows.

Shannon was a "modded" sleeping head and did not have a body until now. She and Morganna were two heads sharing the same body. In the hobby the spare is referred to as a "floating head". When one head was on display, the other head was boxed and stored.

When I was ready to purchase a body for Shannon I did not want yet another head but ordering with a body is cheaper than ordering from the second hand marketplace. A friend asked if she could get me to order the head I didn't need and then ship it to her along with some other stuff I'll be mailing.