Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Zoe's Blanket

This latest project required a lot of trial and error.

Tummy Time

I must have cast on 6 different times trying to find a yarn, needle, and stitch pattern combination that would work and look to scale for Zoe, a tiny Dollzone Christmas Baby belonging to HDoneSix.

Ridged Lace Blanket

I'm very pleased with the end result though.

Afternoon Nap

Well worth the struggle!

 Zoe's Blankie

 Zoe looks so much more comfortable all swaddled in her new blankie.


So snug and cozy.

 bundle of joy

Pan and Zoe


Oh, oh! I think Panalaya has Baby Fever!

 A Quiet Moment with Zoe

Looks like maybe Pan isn't the only one Zoe has won over..

Peanut and Zoe

 Bobby and Zoe

I've put the up directions as a free pattern on Ravelry.

Serenity and Zoe


icicle said...

Thanks for the freebie -- and I'd keep an eye on Pan, she does look a bit feverish...

The Doll Guardian said...

Awww, so sweet! You did a beautiful job and the baby looks so cozy. Let me know if you'd ever be interested in hosting a RealPuki. I get the feeling Sira will be very pro traveling for a visit :D