Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Elf Lady Has Returned

Panalaya's back!

Beautiful Baldie

She was away visiting Ban's Boutique for a faceup, manicure, pedicure and ear piercings. Fresh out of the crate, without even putting on her wig, I could see that she was spectacular!

Add in her wig and the sweater I knit for her homecoming and the result was breathtaking!


I'm so pleased! Ban really is an amazing artist.

WS Juri '08

Here's a closer look at the sweater.

Box opening sweater

I used DollsWestDesign's pattern #140 - Rope Cable Pullover for MSD and Knitpicks Gloss laceweight in "Lilac". I'm a bit disappointed in the yarn. After washing the sweater in preparation for blocking, the yarn developed a weird, greyish halo that has the appearance of dust over the entire surface of the sweater. Luckily it doesn't show up too bad in the pictures.

sleeve detail

Here's a detail shot of the unique, pointed sleeves. Very elf-like in my opinion, and a nice way to show off the lovely blushed and manicured hands.


Miranda Ixie said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations. And I have total sweater envy. That's just gorgeous!

Marlene said...

I would have sweater envy too, if I didn't find sweaters to darn hot to wear. It's nice having someone to knit for that doesn't complain that things are too hot or too scratchy. She does occasionally complain that something is not her colour though.


cjbj said...

She is absolutely beautiful. And the sweater is very classy, just like her. And Bobby, I think I like the brown eyes better. Just don't let them boss you too much cause they are so cute.

Dustbunnie said...

OMG She's amazingly beautiful! Congrats.

The Doll Guardian said...

Marlene, she is beautiful! Lovely faceup and I'm still crazy about that wig. The sweater looks nice, sorry the yarn got weird. That's so frustrating when you've invested a lot of time.

Cricket said...

Wow, I am inspired every time I see your work. Beautiful!