Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fridge is Leekin

 I'm so proud of my granddaughter, Kaylen! She's only 5 years old and just starting kindergarten. After asking how to spell "fridge" she went off and wrote this note for her daddy.


I don't think anyone is formally teaching her to write or spell, it's just something she has taken an interest in and is doing on her own. Amazing!


cjbj said...

Wow, she is some smart little cookie. Has she asked you to show her to knit yet?

Marlene said...

LOL! cjbjWe had her knitting when she was only about 3 I think. She had her own ball of yarn and everything. Attention spam is short at that age though and once she "knew how" she lost interest easily. We'll show her again when she shows renewed interest. Unfortunately I don't think she is actually around knitting all that much because, with a busy family, her mommy knits AFTER the girls are in bed.

PJ said...

That is just awesome! That was how my daughter was...
What a good note to alert her parents of a situation :)
I agree the 'doll room' would not put me at ease...but WOW what a collection!