Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nappy Choo Restringing Tutorial

 Penny, my Nappy Choo Dong Dong, was getting a bit loose and wobbly. Afraid to tackle restringing her on my own I looked high and low on the Internet and could not find anything to guide me through the process. I eventually figured the process out on my own. To save other Nappy Choo owners from the same fruitless search I decided to photograph the entire process and offer it as a free tutorial here on my blog, and also in the Nappy Choo group on Flickr.

I hope this proves helpful to those who much tackle restringing a Nappy Choo or any other doll that is strung in a similar manner.


First remove the S-hook and the head. Remove the smaller s-hooks from the feet and remove the legs. Pull the tensioning string from the body.

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Helpful tools to have: Long pieces of strong, narrow ribbon or string. A long needle, a crochet hook, and pliers of some sort.

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Nappy Choo restringing diagram

Study the diagram before beginning so that you have an idea of what you will be trying to accomplish.

ONE continuous loop goes through both legs and the centre of it goes up to the S-hook. A second continuous loop goes through both arms.

Nappy Choo restringing diagram

Pass one end of the ribbon through your new tensioning string which has been tied in a knot (use the old string as a length guide). Thread both ends of the ribbon into your long needle and pass it up through one leg hole and out the dolls neck.

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Drag the ribbon up through the doll pulling the new tensioning thread along with it.

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Leave the first ribbon sticking out of the doll's neck. Thread a second length of ribbon through the loop still hanging from the first leg hole.

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Using the crochet hook, reach inside the second leg hole and grab a loop of the leg tensioning string. Thread it onto a third piece of ribbon.

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Now use your long needle to pass the ribbon ends through all the pieces of each leg. 

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Pull on the ribbon of first one leg, and then the other, pulling the tensioning string out far enough to rehook the foot.

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Thread the first piece of ribbon through the hole in the head and pull until the centre of the leg tensioning string appears. Reattach the hook and pull it up high enough that when you turn it sideways it straddles the slot at the back of the head and does not disappear back into the body.

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Now remove the hands and arms and thread a newly tied piece of tensioning string through the body from shoulder to shoulder trying to have the knot end up in the body.

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Using the long needle thread the arms back onto the ribbon and use the ribbon to pull the elastic through each arm one at a time, and reattach the hand.

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 Ta Da! If you tied your strings the right length your baby is no longer all Loosey Goosey.

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 Aww, give your baby a hug for being so brave throughout the whole operation.

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And --- back to playing with baby!

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Dustbunnie said...

I don't have a Nappy Choo but I still find this very useful. You explain it in such a great way - so easy to understand. Thanks.

Ruinwen said...

I don't have a Nappy Choo either; but if I did this was a superb tutorial on restringing. :)