Wednesday, April 03, 2013



It's always so nice when a project turns out better than I could have possibly imagined!


This embroidered and beaded, hand knit dress for Minifee is one of them.

knitted and embellished dress

I started off just wanting to knit something mindless, without having to also go to all the usual work I do to design at the same time.


I also didn't feel like being tied to my magnifying light at the time so I wanted a "thick" (for me) project; which means fingering weight yarn rather than the usual laceweight or cobweb weight yarn that I usually do doll clothing in.


So I dug through my small basket of doll clothes patterns by other designers, then rummaged in my limited yarn stash for something to work with. I came up with a ball of beige KnitPicks "Palette" yarn and then without swatching (unusual for me) I set to work knitting Beky Colvin's free pattern: "Free Dress Pattern for Tyler and Ellowyne".

back closure

 It looked pretty blah and ho hum at about the mid way point so as I knit I started considering various ways to add some interest. I went back to my stash thinking I would add a few contrasting stripes along the hem line. The only yarn I had that seemed to work with it was a ball of KnitPicks Chroma that transitioned from beige through greys and black. I chose to gradually transition over to that yarn so that the hem would end in the section of Chroma that was jet black.


It still needed that little spark that takes a project from average to KaZam, so I then added the spray of embroidered white flowers --- which at first looked stark and out of place. Adding in a background of leaves in varied greens and a few buds here and there really helped tie it all together. All it needed at that point was the bit of sparkle provided by a few beads.


It turned out rather well I think!


Anne Randall said...

I'd like a full size one please! LOL. Looks so great.

cjbj said...

Well you deserve a little serendipity. Looks stunning, great job.

Serenata said...

Rather well....? It turned out fantastic!

Safray said...

Perfect dress! And it was fun to read about the whole creating process. I often change my design in the middle of work. Good to know it happens to other people too.

Marlene said...

Thanks Anne. I'd want one myself if I had the figure for it.

I'm glad you like it cjbj and Serenata.

Thanks for leaving that comment Safray. I sometimes wonder if anyone is at all interested in the thought process behind a new creation. More often than not, with me, the final design is something that was not "born" fully thought out, but gradually developed during the actual process.

Eva said...

I so enjoyed this post. The dress is fabulous! The yarn transition works very well. The buttoned opening looks very neat, too. You inspire me.

Ruinwen said...

I for one love to see your working process. If dolls had a runway (and I'm sure you could set up a wonderful show) this would be the talk of the town. I love everything about this dress; the colors, the little embroidered flowers, the beads and the trims. This is just an outstanding piece. Hugs! :)

Sharon said...

It's gorgeous! And the flowers really do set it off!