Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Next Generation

This is my six year old granddaughter, Kaylen. She comes from a long line of knitters. Of course you know that I knit. I have also taught both of my daughters to knit, as my mother had taught me.

She's knitting!

Knitting is a legacy that has been passed from mother to daughter for many generations in my family. My grandmother, aunt, great-grandmother, great aunt, great-great-grandmother, .... and so on were all knitters, and now Kaylen knits too!

Six rows of ten stitches.

Kaylen was first handed knitting needles and shown how to make the knit stitch when she was only three years old. Curiosity satisfied for the time being she never continued, but now, barely turned six years old, Kaylen is enthusiastically taking up the hobby. Her first project is a scarf for her constant companion, a stuffy named "Lambie". So far she has knit six full rows of ten stitches.

Yay! The legacy continues!


Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

Wow! What a super job! :)

bearpicnic said...

Marlene, what a wonderful legacy for you and your family to be part of. I admire your knitting and now Kaylen looks like she'll be a pro at it before too long! xoxo

Dustbunnie said...

WOW She's doing an amazing job. I'm very impressed.

Marlene said...

Yes Ruinwen I'm really proud of her! I see you've added "Dagorielle" to your username. Is there a story behind that?

I think so bearpicnic. Her mom is already a very good knitter, in far shorter time than it took me to gain similar skills. With the internet it is so easy to research and master advanced techniques that new knitters often pick it up quickly and then surpass their teacher's skill level, unlike in the "olden days" when you only learned what your mentor could pass on.

Thanks Dustbunnie I'm impressed with her skill too.

cjbj said...

Well that brings tears to my eyes. What a great start to a knitterly life!