Monday, April 29, 2013

That's Better!

I've been meaning to get to organizing this weaving and craft storage room for quite some time now, but I'd walk into the room, look around not knowing where to begin, and walk back out again in disgust.

top two shelves

Part of the problem was that I just didn't have enough storage to organize the room the way I would like. I solved that yesterday by going out and buying 3 more packages of wire cube shelving and 15 "banker's boxes".

bottom three shelves

I had been using an assortment of baskets that admittedly looked prettier, but these sturdy cardboard boxes are a little bigger, more uniform, and much more practical --- not to mention less expensive to buy in quantity.

If you're interested in what's IN those boxes click the pictures and it will take you on through to my Flickr account where I've "labelled" the boxes with what is stored in them. 


Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

Wow! That is really organized and it must be great to have everything in one place like that! Congrats! :)

Marlene said...

I really wish it was all in one place, Ruinwen. This is one of two small rooms. The floor loom, other equipment, and fibre stash is in this room.

The other tiny room has become a sewing room that is crowded with a book shelf that holds my crafting books and magazines, pattern files, stash of material and embellishments, the doll boxes, clothing, and props, and the granddaughter's toy box. It's SO messy and crowded in there! That's my next big organizing project.

What I'd really like is to have all the creative stuff in one larger room. I've always had an eye on the family room downstairs, thinking it makes more sense for the television to be in one of the smaller rooms, (I mean a couple of chairs and a TV, how much room does that require!) but my husband growls and scowls whenever I mention the possibility.

In the end I really do feel fortunate and grateful that I have so much crafting stuff that I am feeling the need for more room and organization.

Randomfish said...

Wow! That looks awesome!!

My craft supplies are scattered around the house - a drawer here, a box there, a bit on this shelf... LOL Sometimes I have to look in several places before I remember which of the `craft` locations I`ve stored things in! LOL

Marlene said...

Yes, Randomfish, I do count myself lucky that at least all my creative stuff is confined to one room. --- well --- except the spinning wheel in the basement, the knitting that migrates to the table beside my chair in the living room, and the doll shelf in the computer area and another doll display on the dresser in my bedroom.

Dustbunnie said...

That looks really great. Like it's very easy to find the stuff you need. Things have a tendensy to get lost in my appartment. LOL

Marlene said...

With the rooms as messy and unorganized as they had been I was having the same problem Dustbunnie. Without a place for everything, patterns and half finished projects were being set down here and there, increasing the mess, confusion, and tendency for things to get lost.