Thursday, January 09, 2014

Dresses for the Ghouls

These little hand knit sheath dresses are kind of fun to knit so I've made a couple more.


One for Cleo de Nile, done in a handspun merino and silk with a softly varying colourway.


The other one is for Lagoona Blue. 


This one is knit in an acrylic yarn that has added sparkle.


It's one of those Lion Brand "Bon Bons".


 The pattern is a generous freebee by Jane Conway and is available on Ravelry.


Lizardknits said...

Beautiful! I've never seen dolls like this. Could you post where they are available? Thanks!

Marlene said...

My goodness Lizardknits, I'm so surprised you've never come across these odd little dolls. They are Monster High dolls and are commonly available pretty much anywhere toys are sold. They seem to be eclipsing even Barbie dolls in popularity. I've seen them in Target, Walmart, London Drugs, Toys R Us, and at online locations like

My granddaughters are 6 and 4 years of age and they and their classmates are really into Monster High dolls, but I've also seen adults get into customizing them by repainting their faces and rerooting their hair or buying wigs.