Sunday, January 05, 2014

Feels SO Good!

It feels great to finally get the Christmas decorations all packed up and put away. I kept them up a little longer than usual this year because the granddaughters loved them so much and didn't want Christmas to end. I love the decorations when they first go up but after Christmas I'm always anxious to get beyond the "clutter" of Christmas and back to normal routines. It was hard to hold off until after New Years!

Ready for Storage

We purchased a few bulky decorations this year and even with adding the smaller storage box I had to fit things in like a puzzle. I managed to get it all in there though (not including the GIANT box the tree goes in of course).

Well, there is still this! ----

The Trouble With Poinsettias

What is it with poinsettias anyway? Some years they barely make it to Christmas, dropping their lower leaves and looking mighty bedraggled by the big day, and then other years the season comes and goes and the plant lives on and on. Now I'm faced with the prospect of throwing out a plant that is still quite healthy and yet looks totally out of place as January marches along.


Randomfish said...

I'm always amazed at how much space there is after the Christmas decorations are taken down. They don't take up much physical space, and I love decorating for Christmas, but when they are down there just seems like so much open space and potential... :D

Marlene said...

I agree Randomfish. They must take up SOME space though or it wouldn't take three large totes to store it all in. LOL