Thursday, January 30, 2014

Plum Project

I signed up for a challenge on a Saori weaving thread. I vowed to weave at least a little bit every day.

Inspector Shelby

As I predicted the commitment to do just a little each day has led me to weaving a LOT each day. The Saori loom makes weaving so much fun that once I get going it's hard to stop!


I really appreciate the back saving tools like the cross-holder (not pictured), the reed/harness stand, and the easily removed harnesses.

Threaded heddles

The warp for this scarf project is all from freebees I picked up at a guild exchange. The purple is three threads that were wound together into a large ball. Two of the threads are what appears to be a 2/8 cotton, the third thread is a cotton chenille I think. In addition to that ball I added in a novelty ladder yarn also picked up free at the guild exchange..

January 29, 2014

The warp was "free", but I really paid for that in a terrible mess of tangles that I had to fight with throughout the beaming on. I didn't realize when I was winding the warp, but those three purple threads were wound around each other in the ball.

Stopping for the night.

For weft I am using a very fine merino/cashmere/silk from Colourmart.

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