Friday, January 24, 2014

Settling In To Family Life

The secondhand Fairyland Minifee Yder has arrived and is settling in nicely. He's a space travelling elf. He says his name is Zenawii but family and close friends often call him "Zen".

Fitting well so far

His sweater is still a work in progress, at chart row 50 now, but at this scale it's slow going. I'm usually only able to manage a couple of rows a day. Luckily Zenawii seems to be a very patient guy as he's also waiting on a wig and a body of his own. The ones he's currently using are borrowed.

Trying out family dynamics.

His gradual, piece by piece arrival doesn't seem to have prevented him from settling in with his family but I think next time he'll request that he be beamed planetside all at once rather than a bit at a time!

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