Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Doll a Day

I'm participating in a Flickr group challenge, "A Doll a Day". The idea is that you post a picture of a doll every single day. Which particular doll doesn't matter, and although there is a suggested list of topics, it's not necessary to stick to them if you have other ideas.

A Doll A Day List

Today, April 1st, the listed topic is "First". A natural would be to post a picture of my first ball jointed doll, Peanut, but while I was attempting to capture a picture of a sunrise (which never actually happened) I ended up getting this picture of my Zenawii, my Fairyland Minifee Yder, which I titled,

"Morning's First Light".

morning's first light

It wasn't until after loading it to the group that I realized it does actually fit the topic of "first".

Here's a couple more from the same photo shoot:

deep in thought

He seems pretty comfortable in the pants and t-shirt I sewed for him.

an unfocussed gaze

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