Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Is It?!

Why is it that when I am needing perfectly peeled, boiled eggs for deviled eggs I have such a hard time peeling them and then end up with large chunks ripped out of the sides, yet when I'm just going to dice them up for a potatoe salad I get THIS, a dozen perfectly peeled eggs!!?

Why is it?


Melissa said...

Eggs are entirely contrary. They can sense that you're trying to make pretty eggs and so they do everything in their power to make that impossible.

They're kind of like cats really.

(I really want boiled eggs now. :( )

icicle said...

I just boiled some yesterday - half came out fine, the other half.. not.
I've heard it depends on the age of the egg -- an older one has more air in between the membrane and shell and this allows it to peel easier. I've also heard it depends on how cool they are when you peel them. Me, I dunno, as I can't seem to find the perfect factors to make it flawless each time... ;)

Marlene said...

Loved your comment Melissa and I read it out loud to my daughter so she could have a laugh too.

I find your comment very interesting icicle. I can definitely tell you that the one about the age of the egg --- which I always believed --- did not seem to apply! 7 of my eggs were about 2 weeks old. The remaining 5 were brand new, bought this morning. ALL of them peeled perfectly with little effort. Your second suggestion, regarding the temperature of the egg, might be the winner! I most often peel my eggs after they've cooled completely, sometimes being refrigerated for hours. Today when I successfully peeled this batch they were still warm to the touch.

Dustbunnie said...

I think it's Murphy's law. You know: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. LOL