Thursday, April 03, 2014


The topic for April 3 in the Doll a Day Challenge is "Bloom".

I rarely ever buy flowers but I went out and bought this small sprig just for the purpose of taking photos for the challenge.

2014.04.03 Bloom

Peanut got to do today's photo shoot because she was already dressed in pink And just look at those cute little petal-pink lips. This first photo is the one I chose for the challenge.

Outtakes for "Bloom"

The other photos here are just "outtakes" that I liked but didn't choose.

Outtakes for "Bloom"

I'm quite enjoying this "A Doll a Day" challenge. It is helping me to enjoy my dolls more, posing them, working with them and so forth.

Outtakes for "Bloom"

I'm also using my camera more, experimenting with a small amount of editing. Then there is the side benefit that it's giving me more "blog fodder" for daily updates and giving me something to post in doll forums. A win all around. I'm glad I decided to participate.

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