Saturday, April 05, 2014

New Haircut

I was feeling a little braver than usual and tired of boring and safe, so I got a more modern, asymmetrical haircut today. It's parted quite deeply on the right, and that side is cut short, and then from the part it is swept to the left which is left longer. I just happen to have a more prominent silver streak right about where the part falls and combed this way the silver acts like highlights.

New asymmetrical haircut

I know my daughter-in-law hair dresser would love to dye my hair, and she does do an absolutely wonderful job of hair colour, but I'm just not a high maintenance kind of gal. I can't stand the look of roots growing out and constant hair touch ups are so not me. I'm much more comfortable going grey naturally.


Marjorie M. said...

That is a very flattering style on you! Good choice to do something new!

Marlene said...

Thanks Marjorie! I really like it.