Monday, January 04, 2016

A New Challenge

Seems my muse is taking me in yet another creative direction. I've joined the 52 Week Photography Challenge. All 52 challenges (one each week of the year) are listed on the Dogwood Photography web page so you know ahead of time what is coming up. This week is "Selfie, Explore the self timer setting on your camera".  

Not being one fond of self portraits or even being in front of a camera someone else has pointed in my direction, I found this week's challenge particularly difficult.

Once I had a photograph I was happy enough with I had great fun playing with the new edition of "Photoshop" that I got for my birthday. This sketch filtered version is actually my favourite of the bunch. It captures the mood I was after (not as crabby or apprehensive looking as the photo above). I like the way the washed out look made my glasses frame and focus attention on my eyes.

And speaking of crabby looking, LOL, how's this patchwork filter? Amazing how a little editing changes things the mood so much.

If you feel so inclined, do join me, either in the Facebook group (7,000 members and growing!) or on the Flickr group -- or both! It should be a fun year of personal growth.

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