Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bear Necessities

Flame watched expectantly while I put the finishing touches on a special outfit he's been longing for.

I used a Pukifee pattern by DGRequeim on Etsy. For it to fit the larger Realfee dolls I had to make a number of adjustments. I had it printed out at 131% and then added additional length to the body and legs and subtracted a little from the length of the sleeves.

Flame was eager to test the fit. 

And was thrilled to find it fit perfectly. I was more concerned than he was about the possibility of cold feet, but he agreed to wear the slippers I made to go with the Kigurumi Pajama costume.

He's been practicing his best roar all afternoon.

He's even found a "cave" to hide in waiting for a chance to jump out and scare the girls.

Honestly though, I think they are more likely to be jealous than afraid. I'll probably have to make a costume for Neelie and Peanut too.


DaringSpirit said...

Too adorable! I love the wig colours, too.

Gene Black said...

he is such a darling little fellow.

JoLo said...

Cute fellow and great stories!

Marlene said...

Thanks DaringSpirit. I love his wig colours too. With those big elf ears he's a fantasy type character anyway so no need to stick to 'normal' hair colours.

He really is Gene. I have such fun with these dolls. I don't 'play' with them like a child would, but I do find them to be a great outlet for all my other creative endeavours. Resin people never complain that the sweater they are being asked to model is too scratchy or not their style. They never outgrow the outfits I sew for them either.

You might be interested that a friend of mine made a darling miniature quilt for one of my characters. Just think, a valid project for all those scraps you have that aren't quite big enough for full sized projects --- and the challenge! In the doll hobby there are always people on the look out for miniature quilts for their dioramas.