Friday, January 29, 2016

Welcome Home Ritual

Week 4 of the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge.

"Portrait: Head shot. You shot a selfie now shoot a 'selfie' of someone else!"

I don't know any people who want their portrait posted on the internet SOooo ---

This is my son's dog, Kona. I care for her during the day when he's working. When he arrives to pick her up she goes to the dogs' toybox and picks up the biggest mouthful of stuffies that she can manage. This time it was FIVE! She then prances around, head held high, moaning and groaning and waging her tail vigorously.

The 5 she picked up in one bite.

Kona is a Presa Canario/Bull Mastif Cross weighing approximately 70 pounds. She's an obediant, gentle, sweetheart of a dog that rarely ever barks.


dynnamae n said...

Kona is beautiful and as I looked carefully, I think she has a brindle coat. Love that. What a fine granddog you have.

Randomfish said... that is an incredibly adorable "Welcome Home" ritual.... She is such a cute dog. :)

Marlene said...

Yes dynnamae Kona has a gorgeous brindle coat that gleams in the sunlight and is silky soft after walking in the rain.

I think the gathering of a dog toy stuffie bouquet has developed from a habit she has at her own home Randomfish. At my son's house she gathers socks she finds. I don't leave stuff like that laying around so when she's here she goes to the bin of dog toys I have and grabs as many as she can in one big scoop.