Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Body Swap

A small box arrived from Korea today.

Neelie, Flame and Peanut were eager to check it out. Especially Flame. He had an urgent reason for wanting to free the contents.

In fact he was rather impatient when Peanut paused in the unwrapping to look at the unfamiliar Korean writing on the newspaper used as packaging.

As Peanut and Neelie struggled to dig out the pretty Fairyland Littlefee box Flame was no help at all. He was too busy ---- ---- ---- ----

---- ---- ---- undressing?!!

Neelie was horrified! Just when they were trying to make a good impression on the new arrival Flame had to go and do something like this! 

Peanut, on the other hand, didn't notice. She was too busy reading the new comer's Certificate of Authenticity. I think she's a little jealous. She's old enough that she was born before Fairyland started providing these certificates.

Flame urged Peanut to just forget about it and get on with the box opening. He said he'd been waiting far too long to put up with further delays now ---- ---- ---- and he continued to shuck his clothes.

For you see Flame knew something about this new "girl" that the others didn't. He knew she would arrive sporting a brand new BOY body ---- ---- ---- for him! And he was all for making the trade as quickly as possible. 

Once he got settled into the body of his dreams he passed along the older, slightly used FEMALE model he'd been stuck with these past few months. He could hardly wait to run off to the bathroom to try peeing standing up.

On the way back he stopped by the clothing box and dug out the dress and leggings Auntie Ban sent. He knew for certain that they were comfy and would fit perfectly. He had tried them on that body already you see.

The new girl thanked him for the clothing but shyly asked about the lack of hair. Trust a boy to forget about something like that!

A wig was found and then, feeling a little more at ease, she announced that her name was TINGLE.

Flame took Tingle by that hand and gave her a guided tour of the Tulusson family shelf.

Flame hopes they will be great friends. 


Chriss said...

What a wonderful story!

Randomfish said...

LOL Clearly patience is not his strong point! But all is right with the world now! :D

Marlene said...

Thanks Chriss
Yes, all is right in Flame's world now Randomfish. He was quite happy to turn the girly body over to Tingle.