Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Change of Eye Colour

When Tingle first arrived I tried every set of eyes that I had on hand. I liked these brown ones the best but they were the full round type and had huge stem like protrusions sticking out the back. Those stems were too crowded in her small head and prevented the head back from fully closing so I chose a different colour.

I was repositioning Flame's eyes today (also the stem type) and accidentally made a discovery. Those eyes are two piece and the stems can be removed leaving just a half round eye. With that option available I switched from the default eyes she was wearing to these brown ones which I liked better. I also added a set of eyelashes while I was at it.

I still went ahead and ordered her some new eyes today, catching the last day of a 40% off sale at Masterpiece Eyes. They will be a similar colour but the iris will be one size smaller allowing for more flexibility in eye position and expression. 

Tingle's top, leggings, and shoes were all a gift from Ban of Ban's Boutique

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