Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Busier Than It Seems

When I have these long lags between posts it must seem to my regular readers that I haven't been up to much lately. In actual fact it's usually the opposite --- I've been so busy that I haven't taken the time to post!

Lately I've been sewing a lot more than usual. I've not only sewn a pair of jeans and a corduroy and fleece vest for myself, (neither have been photographed yet), but I've been sewing a few things for my granddaughter's dolls as well.

These two high/lo dresses were not complicated to sew as there are few seams, but they had to be sewn by hand due to the nature of the slippery knit material and the very narrow 1/8" seams.

This second photo is just to show how well these "Frightfully Tall Monster High" dolls (17") fit on that couch I bought for the Minifees.

I've sewn a couple more outfits for these dolls but I'm saving them to give to the granddaughter's on Valentine's Day. I'll post pictures after the 14th.

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