Thursday, February 11, 2016


Week 6 of the Dogwood Photography Challenge:

Artistic: CANDY! Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.

I think I'll chose this first photo as my entry for the challenge. Of all of them it's the one that is most focused on the subect, which was "candy". 

I really like this second photo too. It highlights some of the pieces of my grandmother's vintage children's faux crystal tea set. It's real glass. How she managed to not break it playing with it as a child in the 1910 - 1920 era is beyond me! I only had it out on a display shelf and managed to break the lid to the butter dish. 

I like the simplicity of this third photo,

And the way the scalloped edge of grandma's little butter dish frames the candy in this one.

This last one wasn't even in the running though I liked the pattern it forms. The outer ring of candy is not in focus. The centre candy is on a tall glass and the depth of focus was just too deep to get everything at once.

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