Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Tale of Two Scarves

As promised, the tale of two scarves. If you read my post yesterday you may recall I was experimenting with purposely pooling a palindrome dyed skein of "Socks That Rock". 

From a distance the first scarf actually looks pretty good. The drape is fantastic and the colours remained vibrant and eye catching. 

I quite like it and will most likely get some wear out of it -- but --

If you look closely at the above picture, and the one immediately below, you will see how badly the thread weft "wandered". Initially my beat was very even and straight, but after the scarf was taken from the loom, and the warp relaxed overnight, the weft drifted all over the place, making it have squiggly lines in places. 

Despite the squiggles it still looks good when worn, if you don't get up too close and all analytical.

I'm much happier with the second try on the same warp. This time I used 10/2 mercerized cotton as weft and had no problem with the weft wandering. The playful Saori side of me came to the forefront with this one too, and threw in stripes of various colours and widths, thrum inclusions with dangling tails, 

and a few inlay shapes. 

The loop shape makes it easy to wear too. No fear of it falling off! I think it would be great under a blazer.


Gene Black said...

I actually like the first one. I don't think the "drifted weft" is distracting at all. Just think of it as a design element.

Of course I like the second one also.
I really want to dye a palindrome skein and play with this idea.

Marlene said...

If that first one was more in the Saori style the wandering weft wouldn't bother me at all Gene but in all other ways the scarf is more traditional. It won't pass inspection by the guild's Standard's Committee so I won't be able to sell it in guild sales. I was also reminded that weaving a scarf's length all in plain weave, with no fun Saori "play" was enough to bore me to tears, even with the bright colours. My next palindrome scarf will definitely be more Saori style with at least some play going on.

dynnamae n said...

I love the first scarf and would be proud to wear it. The squiggly lines just add more texture and interest. I say "Good job, Marlene."

Marlene said...

Thanks dynnamae. My email address is on my profile page. If you send me your mailing address I would be glad to send the scarf along to you.